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  • Thu 24 apr. 2014

    Assessing knowledge-based rule: dimensions of epistocracy

    Tid: 14:15 Sted: NUPI
    In this theory seminar, Cathrine Holst, will present her paper "Assessing knowledge-based rule: dimensions of epistocracy".
  • Mon 21 okt. 2013

    Petroleum Geopolitics

    Tid: 17:00 Sted: NUPI, C.J. Hambros plass 2 D
    In the Stuland Research Award Lecture, Indra Øverland, will look into the relationship between energy resources, geography, war and international politics.
  • Mon 4 nov. 2013

    What the EU does and how it affects the nation states – The Norway and UK reviews compared

    Sted: NUPI
    In this seminar, Tim Hennings, Head of Europe Directorate, Internal in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, will talk about the British process of reviewing its relationship to the EU. Professor Fredrik Sejersted will make comparisons to the Norwegian experience.
  • Wed 9 okt. 2013

    Positive Peace and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

    Tid: 13:30 Sted: NUPI
    This seminar will introduce the Pillars of Peace framework and methodology and critically examine its implications for the evolving discussions around the post-2015 Development Agenda.
  • Wed 25 sep. 2013

    Africa- the way ahead?

    Tid: 11:00 Sted: NUPI
    This seminar will address both the challenges and the opportunities for the African continent and look at the way ahead.
  • Fri 11 okt. 2013

    Islam Without Extremes – A Muslim Case for Liberty

    Tid: 12:00 Sted: NUPI
    In this seminar, Mustafa Akyol, a Turkish political commentator and author, will present his new book “Islam Without Extremes – a Muslim Case for Liberty”. In this book Akoyl asks why a dominantly conservative brand of Islam nowadays is present in many governments or societies.He points to one exception; Turkey – where a nascent middle class is reinterpreting religion with a more modern mindset.
  • Thu 10 okt. 2013

    Prospects for EU-Asia Relations

    Tid: 11:00 Sted: NUPI
    In this seminar, Dr. Fraser Cameron from the EU-Asia Center will talk about EU-Asia relations through the perspective of the ASEM process, ASEAN as well as bilateral relations. He will also touch on Norway's potential contribution.
  • Thu 19 sep. 2013

    In the Wake of the Arab Spring. Conflict and Cooperation in the Middle East

    Tid: 10:30 Sted: Hotel Continental
    Etter den arabiske våren – hva nå? Hvilke muligheter og hindringer ligger til grunn for økt regionalt samarbeid i regionen? Boken In the Wake of the Arab Spring: Conflict and Cooperation in the Middle East tar for seg forholdet mellom de fire største landene i regionen – Egypt, Tyrkia, Iran og Saudi-Arabia, med nasjonale bidrag fra samtlige land.
  • Wed 20 nov. 2013

    The 15th Military Power Seminar: Afghanistan Experiences - Lessons Learned or Lessons Lost?

    Tid: 10:00 Sted: The Henri Dunant Hall, the Norwegian Red Cross Conference Centre
    At a critical moment in Afghanistan, this year’s Military Power Seminar aims to bring together a broad range of contributors and participants to discuss experiences from Afghanistan and their impact.
  • Thu 12 sep. 2013

    Deep Theorizing in International Relations

    Tid: 14:15 Sted: NUPI
    While there is not much doubt amongst IR scholars about the relevance of theory, there never has been a consensus on what makes a (good) theory. This seminar with Dr Felix Berenskoetter (SOAS) addresses what it might mean to engage in ‘deep theorizing’ to carve out the foundations on which a substantial theory is built.