Humanitarian issues

The civilian population often suffer in humanitarian crises, regardless of whether these are conflicts created by human beings or natural catastrophes.

 The international humanitarian assistance apparatus is made available in crises where the local state apparatus lacks the will or capacity to help the population. Protection of civilians in (post-)conflict situation is a central research area at NUPI. Our research concerning humanitarian issues is both academic and practical.

Among the questions we seek to answer are these:

  • What causes humanitarian crises, and what solutions are available?
  • How is the humanitarian assistance apparatus composed?
  • What are local perspectives on humanitarian principles?
  • What effects do the global humanitarian principles have?
  • What is the linkage between politics and practice in humanitarian assistance?
  • - and the between politics and a-political, neutral humanitarian principles?

NUPI is a partner in the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies, together with CMI (Bergen) and PRIO (Oslo). The Centre works to coordinate research on humanitarian questions, and to serve as a bridge-builder for humanitarian actors and the authorities.

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