Foreign policy

The study of foreign policy examines how representatives of a state work in relation to other international actors, and the effects of their actions.

NUPI studies Norwegian foreign policy in particular as an example of this topic. Alliances and participation in international organizations are important elements of Norway’s foreign policy. In studying foreign policy, it is essential to understand the various actors involved, like government ministries, political parties, voluntary organizations and NGOs and individuals, as well as relations among the various actors. Norway’s foreign policy is often closely connected to its development assistance policy, but delimitation here is difficult since foreign policy is inextricably linked to international economics and international development.

Among research topics on this field at NUPI we may mention:

  • How to understand Norway’s place in the world of nations?
  • How does the Norwegian state go about gaining popular support for its foreign policy?
  • - and what are the effects?

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    Foreign and security policy have long been removed from the political pressures that influence other areas of policymaking. This has led to a tendency to separate the analytical levels of the individual and the collective. Using Lacanian theory, which views the subject as ontologically incomplete and...
  • Publication : NUPI Working Paper

    Russian Public Opinion and the Confrontation with the West

    What do most Russians think about President Putin, the policies of the Kremlin and the West? Is Russia on the right track? How do Russians view the future? President Vladimir Putin has, since he was elected in 2000, scored high in public opinion polls. After the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 the...
  • Publication : KRONIKK

    Russland og det ytre høyre

    (Available in Norwegian only): Båndene mellom Russland og ytre høyre i Europa er mer kompliserte enn man kan få inntrykk av i vestlig media, skriver Minda Holm i denne kronikken.
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