Bildet viser NUPI-forsker John Karslsrud Foto: Ane Teksum Isbrekken

‘There is a growing gap between what UN peace operations are expected to achieve and what they can accomplish,’ said Senior Research Fellow John Karlsrud when launching a new book at NUPI on 15 March.

Your weekly NUPI recap

Published: 17 Mar 2017

Did you miss out on an event, an important article or other NUPI news? Here’s a recap of last week.

NUPI researchers Cedric de Coning and John Karlsrud launched the book UN Peacekeeping doctrine in a new era on 15 March. The publication is an important contribution to the debate on what sort of peacekeeping missions the UN should conduct. The book was praised by Major General Kristin Lund as well Anne Kjersti Frøholm, Specialist Director Peace Operations, MFA.

Expanding the Hunt on Tax Evasion

NUPI is coordinating the TaxCapDev network, which brings together Norwegian researchers and experts to strengthen the sharing of knowledge on illicit financial flows, taxation and exploitation of natural resources. The TaxCapDev network is extending this spring and is moving from SkattJakt unto SkattJakt II. For the SkattJakt II period, Tax Justice Network Norway (TJN-Norway) will be joining our team.

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