Announcement: Internship for students writing their master thesis on international economics

Published: 3 Dec 2015

NUPI seeks contact with students writing their master thesis on the subject of international economics

The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) is a leading research and information community for international political and economic affairs and for affairs of particular interest to Norwegian foreign policy. NUPI also has a responsibility to inform the general public of international affairs. The institute is a public administrative body subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Research, and numbers some 60 employees. Our offices are located in Oslo city centre.

NUPI now seeks contact with students writing their master thesis on the subject of international economics. The student’s research design must be relevant to one of the following NUPI projects: 

  • TIGER (Trade Integration, Geopolitics and the Economy of Russia): this project investigates trade integration in the former Soviet area.
  • Europe in Transition – Small States in an Age of Global Shifts: part 4 focuses on international trade agreements as well as new trade policy fields.
  • Responsible Innovation and Happiness: a New Approach to the Effects of ICTs: this project looks at the impact of ICT on economic growth, distribution, welfare and happiness. NUPI will be working on the international aspects.

Organisationally, the student will be subordinated to NUPI’s international economics research group and will be given an allocated work station in an open-plan office. The length of the internship can range between 3 and 11 months, and pays the equivalent of 20 per cent of a full-time position coded 1019 Research Assistant (NOK 7,383 per month). The student is expected to have NUPI as their primary workplace for the duration of the internship and will be part of the institute’s academic and social community. A completed bachelor degree with good marks is a requirement, and the approved master thesis should preferably be publishable as a NUPI report.

For further details, please contact the head of the research group, Arne Melchior (tel. +47 997 91 209, email, or senior research fellow Hege Medin (tel. +47 920 98 864, email

Although the application should contain information about the student’s plan for their thesis, an exhaustive project proposal is not a prerequisite. Please enclose your CV, diploma/certificate and references. The application should be submitted via the Jobb Norge website. Start dates are flexible.

Application deadline: 29 January 2016

The composition of the public sector workforce should reflect the population’s diversity. Therefore, it is a stated personnel policy aim to achieve a good age and gender balance and to recruit individuals from immigrant backgrounds. Women and candidates from immigrant backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Working conditions will be adapted to suit individuals with disabilities if required.