Members of far-right nationalist party National Movement (RN) during a rally in front of the US embassy in Warsaw Poland 25 April 2018 Photograph: NTB Scanpix
Research Project

World of the Right: Alternative visions of global order (WoR)

2018 - 2021 (Ongoing)

The project will look deeper into the conservative New Right in countries such as Russia, the US, and Europe, examining in particular the alternative visions of Western civilisational order that these movements harbour, including of post-WW2 international institutions like the UN, NATO and International Law.

In the US, Russia, and several EU-countries the political nationalist, radical and often populist Right is becoming increasingly influential. While we know quite a lot about how these ideologies shape domestic politics, and what thoughts they harbour on topics such as the nation-state and immigration, we know surprisingly little about their visions and ideas for global order, including foreign- and security policy, international institutions and ideas pertaining to foundational international concepts such as sovereignty and modernity. 

The project at NUPI will look deeper into the international ideology of the conservative New Right in Russia, the US, and Europe, examining the increasingly stronger conservative reaction to the liberal world order after 1989: what are their alternative visions of the international? The policy component of the project will look at the implications of these visions for Norwegian foreign- and security policy. Theoretically, the project aims to i) expand how we think about ideology in IR, ii) explore and discuss the commonalities between the New Right's anti-liberal ideologies and realism and conservatism in political theory. 

The 3-year project at NUPI is in part funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, and is lead by Research Fellow Minda Holm. She is writing a PhD on the topic at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Political Science (supervisor Prof. Ole Wæver), and is also affiliated with the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS).

The project is part of and also funded by a wider international research project on the World of the Right funded by the Danish Velux Foundation, lead by Dr. Vibeke Schou Tjalve (DIIS) and in cooperation with Professor Michael C. Williams (University of Ottawa) and senior lecturer, Jean Francios Drolet, University of Queen Mary, London.  Schou Tjalve will contribute to the project at NUPI with her expertise on the American New Right. More information on the Velux project here.


the Norwegian Ministry of Defence and Velux Foundation