The image shows Nordic flags Photograph: miguelb/Creative Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0
Research Project

The Nordics and the International

2019 (Ongoing) Project number: 226020

Why is there not more Nordic cooperation on the international arena, when Nordic politicians so often express a willingness to develop cooperation in this field further? This project aims to build new knowledge, stimulate debate and inform the wider public about opportunities and limitations for strengthened Nordic cooperation in the foreign policy field.

The core emphasis will be on the Nordic states’ foreign policy and cooperation patterns writ large, but we will also discuss Nordic cooperation i.e. within the EU, NATO and the UN, in relations with great powers, cooperation initiatives within the fields of defence and emergency planning, and practical embassy cooperation.

Related events:

In addition to the seminar above, and a roundtable meeting with colleagues from the Nordic foreign policy institutes (20 March 2019), the researches have contributed to several events outside of NUPI:

Funding program

The project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.