Research Programme

Russian and Caspian Energy Developments (RUSSCASP)

2007 - 2013 (Completed) Project number: 185317/S20

RUSSCASP aims to examine driving forces shaping Russian and Caspian energy exports, energy developments in the High North and the potential role of foreign energy companies in these regions.

Russian and Caspian energy is a source of opportunity and risk for policy makers and businesspeople across the globe, not least in Norway, both a neighbour to Russia and a key player in the same industry – oil and gas.

The research programme, RUSSCASP, aims to expand understandings of the long-term outlook for three issue clusters of strategic relevance for Norway:

  1. Russia and the Caspian region as arenas for foreign energy companies;
  2. Driving forces and conditions for Russian and Caspian energy exports; and
  3. Energy developments in the High North.

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  • Annual Conference: Russia, Europe and Energy

    7 Oct 2010
    The Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies, in cooperation with the RUSSCASP Programme, will host the department’s annual conference on Thursday 14 October. ...
  • Petroleum, politics and power

    28 Nov 2008
    Researcher Heidi Kjærnet has been granted a PhD scholarship from “the Russian and Caspian Energy Developments” (RUSSCASP) project.
  • Russia and the North

    19 Aug 2009
    The High North has become a hot topic on the geopolitical agenda, in Norway and internationally. Climate change coupled with growing demands for energy has given rise to greater...
  • The Caspian Sea Region towards 2025

    14 Sep 2010
    The Caspian Sea and the lands around it are emerging again as a focus region in global affairs. With security of energy supply high on the international agenda, and with fears...