Research Project

Peace Capacities Network: Peace Operations, Civilian Capacity and Security Sector Reform in a Changing World Order (PeaceCap )

2014 - 2016 (Completed) Project number: QZA-12/0097

The Peace Capacities Network explore how rising powers influence peace operations, security sector reform and civilian capacities

The Peace Capacities Network is a group of research institutes located in the emerging countries (Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa and Turkey) that collectively analyze the growing influence of these countries on the fields of international peacekeeping and peacebuilding.

The aim of the network is to get an insight in these topics from the perspective of these important actors, and to raise greater awareness of and engagement with important themes in contemporary peace operations.

Please find a list of all publications at the bottom of this website.
Please find external publications here:

Cedric H. de Coning and Paul Keating (2012). CivCap Network Annual Seminar 2012.pdf (1.7 MB)
Etienne Tremblay-Champagne (2012). Baseline Study on Civilian Capacity. The Case of Burkina Faso.pdf (945.2 kB)
Teri Murphy and Onur Sazak (2012). Turkey’s Civilian Capacity in post-Conflict Reconstruction.pdf (338.4 kB)

Eduarda Passarelli Hamann (2016). A Path Forged Over Time. Brazil and the UN Missions (1947–2015).
Eduarda Passarelli Hamann and Iara Costa Leite (2012). Brazil’s experience in unstable settings. Assessing the participation of Brazilian experts in multilateral missions.


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