Bildet viser hovedstaden i Georgia, Tbilisi Foto: Alexxx Malev/Creative Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0
Research project

Competency through Cooperation: Advancing knowledge on Georgia's strategic path (GEOPATH)

2019 - 2022 (Ongoing) Project number: 287815

GEOPATH is a collaborative research project which aims to build competency in the Georgian research sector as well as producing new insights into the crucial question of Georgia's future strategic path between Russia and the EU.

GEOPATH revolves around a research project that will produce cutting-edge, well-informed research on the crucial question of Georgia’s future strategic path. In the context of researching Georgia's future strategic path, GEOPATH will study how four key actors – Georgia, the breakaway Abkhazia, the EU and Russia – perceive their own roles and how they relate to each other in the region. GEOPATH is lead by a tightly integrated research team consisting of scholars from NUPI, the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) and two Georgian ‘expat’ scholars who work abroad.

The project has two primary objectives, both of which are important and relevant for Georgia.

First, the project will contribute to strengthening the Georgian research sector through an integrated research project that brings together Georgian and Norwegian scholars.

Second, the project aspires to leave a lasting footprint in Georgia by funding a PhD scholarship and organizing annual publishing seminars for PhD students and junior researchers from across Georgia. The project will directly contribute to strengthening its Georgian partner institution as well as similar institutes around the country. Importantly the project aims to reach these goals through genuine research collaboration and joint work on a topic that is of great significance for the academic community as well as Georgian society as a whole.

Related events:

Project kickoff workshop and roundtable discussion The power of polarization: the ‘Georgias’ in between Russia and the West (A two-day event, including a kickoff workshop for project participants and a roundtable with Georgian experts, organized in Tbilisi, Georgia on January 24-25, 2019). 

About our partners:
The Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) is a Tbilisi-based non-profit, non-partisan, research and analysis organization founded in early 2011. GIP strives to strengthen the organizational backbone of democratic institutions and promote good governance and development through policy research and advocacy in Georgia. GIP is working to distinguish itself through relevant, incisive research; extensive public outreach; and a brazen spirit of innovation in policy discourse and political conversation.

Funding program

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway, NORRUSS PLUSS