Tora Berge Naterstad

Junior Research Fellow

Tora Berge Naterstad is a Junior Research Fellow in NUPI’s Research Group for Russia, Asia and International Trade. Naterstad mainly works on the projects Values-based regime legitimation in Russia (LegitRuss), Dynamics of de facto state patron-client relations (DeFacto), and the Russia Network (RUSSNETT). She previously worked as a research assistant at The Lorax Project: Understanding Ecosystemic Politics (LORAX). 

Naterstad holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Oslo. Her master’s thesis, Russian Nation Building and the Biopolitics of Defending Tradition, 2012-2021, explores how nation, body, values, and power are connected in Putin’s Russia.  

Naterstad’s bachelor’s degree is in International Studies from the University of Oslo and SOAS University of London, and she has studied Russian language and society in Oslo and at Moscow Higher School of Economics. Her research interests include nationalism and politics in Russia, critical security studies, body politics, philosophy of science, and the role of identity in international relations. 

  • Bildet viser Russlands president Vladimir Putin og tidligere leder for Abkhazia, Raul Khadzhimba, i samtale foran sine respektive flagg i 2017 Research project

    Dynamics of de facto state patron-client relations (DeFacto)

    2020 - 2023 (Ongoing)

    Almost all de facto states that survive for some time have a powerful 'patron' that provides security guarantees and economic support. Too often this has resulted in the de facto states simply being brushed off as hapless pawns in their patron's power play. In 'DeFacto' we challenge...