Sophie Gueudet

Senior Research Fellow

Sophie Gueudet’s research interests revolve around conflict and post-conflict situations, nationalism, cross-border nationalist movements, national identities and contested forms of statehood, with a focus on South-Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Eurasia. She joined NUPI in January 2021 as a post-doctoral researcher within the DeFacto research project, where she will study the paradiplomatic activities of contested states and the leverage of patron states on their clients' international engagement. 

Gueudet has been an Associate Researcher at Sciences Po Aix's research center CHERPA (Group 5- Armed forces, armed conflicts, colonial and post-colonial situations) and a member of the Strategic Observatory of Mediterranean Worlds. She has been chief editor of the research blog of the "War Losses and Casualties" project, and, as a team member, worked on political and diplomatic issues related to counting the dead during and after wars and conflicts.

  • Bildet viser Russlands president Vladimir Putin og tidligere leder for Abkhazia, Raul Khadzhimba, i samtale foran sine respektive flagg i 2017 Research project

    Dynamics of de facto state patron-client relations (DeFacto)

    2020 - 2023 (Ongoing)

    Almost all de facto states that survive for some time have a powerful 'patron' that provides security guarantees and economic support. Too often this has resulted in the de facto states simply being brushed off as hapless pawns in their patron's power play. In 'DeFacto' we challenge...