Karsten Friis

Senior Adviser, Head of Research Group on Security and Defense

Karsten Friis is a Senior Adviser and head of NUPIs Research Group on Security and Defence. He has a PhD from the University of Groningen and a MSc in International Relations from London School of Economics.

Friis has previously worked for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, as well as for the Norwegian Armed Forces in Oslo and in Kosovo. His main area of expertise is security and defense policies, international military operations, civilian-military relations, cyber security, as well as the political developments in the Western Balkans.

  • The image shows Norwegian KNM Steil during Arctic Hawk exercise 2019 Research project

    Revitalizing Transatlantic Maritime Security

    2018 - 2019 (Ongoing)

    This project will generate concrete policy proposals, particularly in the maritime domain, and look at ways for the United States and Europe, and Norway in particular, to adapt their military division of labor both to improve the Alliance's military effectiveness and to show to domestic audiences...

  • The image shows Nordic flags Research project

    2019: The Nordics and the International

    2019 (Ongoing)

    Why is there not more Nordic cooperation on the international arena, when Nordic politicians so often express a willingness to develop cooperation in this field further? This project aims to build new knowledge, stimulate debate and inform the wider public about opportunities and limitations for strengthened...

  • Publication : NUPI Policy Brief

    Why Franco-German leadership on European defense is not in sight

    Emmanuel Macron, already as a presidential candidate, bet heavily on Europe and the Franco-German tandem. This choice, which required a certain amount of political capital, resulted in a number of initiatives, many of them outlined in his September 2017 Sorbonne speech. It also resulted in the...
  • Mon 3 Jun 2019

    Lunch seminar: Peace, war and alliances in cyberspace

    Time: 12:00 Location: NUPI

    What are cyberspace operations? In what ways is conflict in this “domain” different from conflict in physical domain? And how do cyberspace operations relate to information warfare, what are the similarities and differences?

  • Publication : Rapport/avhandling

    Ten Years On: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report on Nordic Cooperation

    Ten years ago, the report ‘Nordic cooperation on foreign and security policy’ was presented to the Nordic foreign ministers at an extraordinary meeting in Oslo, Norway. Penned and fronted by Norway’s former foreign minister Thorvald Stoltenberg, the report proposed thirteen ways in which Nordic cooperation...
  • Publication : NUPI Policy Brief

    Tre trender som utfordrer norsk utenrikspolitikk

    (Available in Norwegian only): Denne policy briefen tar utgangspunkt i tre globale trender, og gir en analyse og vurderinger av hva trendene innebærer av utfordringer og muligheter for norsk utenrikspolitikk i tiden fremover: 1. Nye stormakter vokser frem. 2. Migrasjon brer om seg. 3. Utenrikspolitikk...
  • Publication : ARTIKKEL

    Blikket i glasskulen: NATO de neste 70 år

    What is the likely future of NATO? Will the alliance survive the next seventy years? Which challenges will it have to deal with? This article gazes into the future and attempts to identify some plausible scenarios for the years ahead. I argue that NATO will persist, but that is relevance is dependent...
  • Fri 3 May 2019

    Breakfast seminar: Cyber threats and what to do about them?

    Time: 09:00 Location: NUPI

    Michael Sulmeyer, Director for Belfer Center's Cyber Project, is visiting NUPI to discuss cyber security and international politics.

  • Research project

    Digital sovereignty and autonomy (GAIA)

    2019 - 2022 (Ongoing)

    NUPI in collaboration with Simula Research Lab will map global data flows and their impact on national autonomy and sovereignty.

  • Publication : KRONIKK

    Å gjøre ingenting er uansvarlig

    Regjeringen la i høst frem et forslag til ny lov for Etterretningstjenesten ut på høring. Det viktigste i lovforslaget er det som tidligere har vært omtalt som et «digitalt grenseforsvar», men som i lovforslaget har fått den langt mer presise beskrivelsen «tilrettelagt tilgang til grenseoverskridende...
  • News

    Podcast: Giving Chinese tech giants access to Europe - what are the consequences?

    Are we ready for the implications of giving Chinese tech giant access to European markets?
  • Wed 6 Feb 2019

    Chinese cyber security and consequences for Europe

    Time: 09:00 Location: NUPI

    Chinese tech giants are increasingly visible and established in the European market. Are we ready for all that this implies?

  • Research project

    Critical Digital Infrastructures (KRIDI)

    2018 - 2019 (Ongoing)

    Protecting critical infrastructures from digital threats is a key challenge for modern states, how should the state approach and make sense of the security of privately owned infrastructures?

  • Publication : Rapport/avhandling

    Military-Civilian Relations in Interventions

    It is frequently claimed that success in interventions hinges largely on military–civilian coherence. Nevertheless, despite high ambitions, coherence among intervening actors has proven challenging to achieve in practice. Why is this so? The thesis asks: How can we theorize and analyse the challenges...
  • Publication : KRONIKK

    Hva om USA ikke kommer?

    (Op-ed available in Norwegian only): Det hjelper ikke med all verdens våpen om man ikke er enige om når man skal bruke dem. Politiske vinder kan fort snu, skriver Karsten Friis i denne kronikken.
  • Publication : KRONIKK

    Det klamme toprosent-målet

    USAs pågående press på europeiske NATO-land om å bruke minst to prosent av BNP på Forsvaret har som kjent økt i intensistet etter at Trump ble president. Det man ble enige om på Wales-toppmøtet i 2014 var å "arbeide mot å oppnå to prosent innen 2024". Mange land, inkludert Tyskland og Norge,...
  • News

    Prestigious project to NUPI on digitalization and the modern world order

    New project to investigate vulnerabilities on the Internet and political consequences.
  • Publication : Del av bok/rapport

    Norway: NATO in the North?

    When the NATO allies agreed to deploy troops to the Baltic states and Poland in 2014 to deter against potential Russian aggression, Norway did not ask for a similar arrangement. Despite bordering the heavily militarised Kola peninsula, Norway is now the only NATO country neighbouring Russia without a...
  • Publication : NUPI Policy Brief

    After Crimea: The future of Nordic Defence Cooperation

    Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) was originally about cost-effectiveness. The Nordic states sought to work together when training and educating their soldiers, procuring new equipment, and logistically supporting their forces. Faced with a relevantly benign security situation at home, with Russia...
  • Bildet viser Michael Chertoff News

    Cyberattacks: How to protect critical infrastructure?

    Michael Chertoff, former United States Secretary of Homeland Security, shares his insights on cybersecurity in a new NUPI podcast episode.