Poststructuralists Also Have a Duty of Methodological Care

Publisert: 4. des. 2017

On Diplomacy (Der Derian, 1987) wasthe first attempt at bringing theory to the study of diplomacy, and it was a solid piece of empirical research. However, I will leave the celebration of these qualities to others, and concentrate on the question of methodology, where the book also has importance for the discipline as such. Methodology, Patrick Jackson (2011) tells us, is the way in which we get our data (the production of which may be by way of many different methods) to tell us something about what lies beyond that data. The area of validity, that is, the domain that the data are supposed to tell us something about, is in this case known Western history; not pre-history, traditionally defined as the period before writing, and not the future.

  • Utgivelsesår: 2017
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Sider: 12 - 19
  • Volum: 25
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  • Tidsskrift: New Perspectives - Interdisciplinary Journal of Central & East European Politics and International Relations