UN in peacebuilding, peace operations and humanitarian relief

Ons 8 feb. 2012
Tid: 10:00 Sted: NUPI Ledige plasser: 0

This seminar hosted by the NUPI Centre for Global Governance looks into the UN's role in peace building and peace operations, development and humanitarian relief. The seminar is by invitation only.

In conjunction with the MFA's current work on a White Paper on UN policy, the NUPI Centre for Global Governance hosts a seminar:

The role of the UN in peace building, peace operations, development and humanitarian relief.
A central theme that will run throughout the discussion will be the relationship between UN as operational actor and UN as arena for norm-development. Ole Jacob Sending will lead off with an introduction on that theme, followed by specific interventions (see below) on peaceoperations, peacebuilding, development and humanitarian relief.

Key questions:

  • What are likely future challenges and trends in peaceoperations, peacebuilding, development, humanitarian relief?
  • What are the key strengths and weaknesses of the UN system – do UN actors  have the tools necessary?
  • What types of approaches (policies, strategies, practices) appear most effective – do these exist within UN organizations today? Can they be developed within the parameters of the UN?

Programme 9:00-13:00

  •  Introduction on framework and plan for the White Paper. Scwhabe Hansen/Lothe, MFA
  • Introduction on UN as operational actor v UN as arena for norm-development Sending, NUPI
  • Discussion

(1000-1015: Break)

  • Introduction on peacebuilding de Coning, ACCORD, NUPI
  • Introduction on peaceoperations Karlsrud, NUPI
  • Discussion

(1130-1145: Break – sandwiches)

  • Introduction on humanitarian relief Sandvik, PRIO
  • Introduction on development aid Eggen, NUPI
  • Discussion

This seminar is by invitation only. For further information, please contact Ole Jacob Sending.