Libya, the African Union and R2P

Tir 10 mai 2011
Tid: 12:30 Sted: NUPI Ledige plasser: 0

The seminar will discuss the African Union's stance on R2P and humanitarian intervention following the recent uprisings in Northern Africa.

The African Union's response to the recent developments in Northern Africa – particularly those in Libya – have resulted in some questioning the AU's commitment to the principle of 'non-indifference'.

Initially, the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) issued two strong statements in support of the ‘legitimate aspirations’ of the people of Egypt and Libya and condemning violence and violation of international humanitarian law against civilians in Libya. However, after the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) mandated a humanitarian intervention in Libya, the AU seems to have changed its position and invoked the principle of 'non-interference'.

The AU's principle of 'non-indifference', and its policies vis-a-vis R2P and Protection of Civilians, will be discussed in light of the recent events in Libya.

Programme 11.30-12.30

  • Presentation by Dr. Kathryn SturmanHead, Governance of Africa's Resources Programme, South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)
  • Chair: Cedric de Coning, NUPI

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Participation at this event is by invitation only. Interested parties can contact Cedric de Coning.