Environmental hazards

Book title: The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology

Publisert: 26. mars 2018

Environmental processes and phenomena pervade the planet, affecting day‐to‐day and decade‐to‐decade lives and livelihoods. When they are associated with death and destruction, they are seen as environmental hazards. Defining “environmental hazards” followed by classifying them into astronomical, biological/ecological, geological, and hydrometeorological sets the stage for examining human influences on environmental processes and phenomena, especially illustrating how human activity leads environmental processes and phenomena to become hazardous. Overlaps and connections among the four categories are explored, including cascading hazards, coincidental hazards, and the hazard influencer of climate change. The final section explains the importance of living with environmental hazards rather than trying to oppose or combat them, showing how society can use knowledge of environmental processes and phenomena to avoid harm while garnering advantages.

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